physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living

when little tommy is afraid of what he has
he remembers how scary are the things he doesn’t:
how agonizing is beholding me of mr.queen
and the physical impossibility of death-huh?
-in the mind of someone living.
running down the stairs tommy calls
mamma mamma no you were right.
i don’t remember exactly which
but a life not dead teaches more than you might!
honey please go back to sleep
when miss st.clair can’t think of a good name
she remembers how good names anonymities have:
how pixelated faces or blurred criminals on her walls
are the most perfectly named of them all-
as long as henry’s untitled remains misunderstood.
jumping on her bed miss st.clair calls
mamma mamma why was i ill-taught?
i don’t remember exactly how
but a blank unfilled reveals all but hides naught!

  1. 마멍

    훗 포스트 수준이 좀 높아지니까 댓글 달아주는 사람이 없군

  2. 샤워

    나 누구게

  3. 역시나그렇게

    마멍 : 이런.. 방문자 수도 확 줄었다

    샤워 : 대체 누구십니까!