I caught myself yelling
Each time the ground of fun is shaken.
Our year-old daughter is awaken.
The home we’ve made looks like an alien colony today.
Three doors to a good end.
We only had the first and second keys.
I caught myself wondering why we chose the first,
Why we didn’t have the last,
And why we weren’t notified when they changed the locks.
When we stepped past the threshold,
A room as big as how big I think my lung is big
In the middle a heap of powdered fun like yesterday’s campfire,
For us to share and snort and burn.
But I could well see how short it’d last us.
I said, this doesn’t look right,
And you said we just dim the lights.


고터에서 세시 반에
예쁘게 하고 만나자고 했네만
안 왔네 이거 참 서운하네
폰에 노래 동나도록 기다리네
유니클로 앞에 분수 있는 데서
공복으로 만나자고 그랬네만
없네 안 왔네 뭔가 잘못됐네
중딩들을 하나둘 떠나보내네
고터에서 만나자고 그랬는데
고터가 화근이었나 고터가
문제였나 고터가 지하철로
편해서 그랬던 것 뿐인데
고터는 슬픈 곳이네
고터에서 오늘부터
좋은 만남 이어가자 했네만
고터에서 끊어졌네 신세계 지하에서
마카롱을 하나 사먹네


Inspired by The Ceiling by Kevin Brockmeier

A great Ceiling was coming down upon us.

Our Minister lived on the penthouse of Newland Towers, closest to God, but had to move out of there when the Ceiling met his A/C unit. My Mom was the first to offer him our home. She would always say that I should live as if the Minister lived in our house, and she finally made that happen. She treated him like he was traveling Jesus.

I was kicked out of my room. I didn’t mind sleeping on the couch, but I didn’t like the thought of the Minister judging me in my own room. I put up more Metallica posters.

The Minister kept talking about the Rapture over dinner.

“As long as we have lived faithfully unto the Lord, He will take us. On the other side of that Ceiling, there is the Kingdom of God.”

“But is that enough,” my Dad asked.“My friend Peter goes to church every Sunday, but he is a very sinful man.”

The Minister held his glass of wine between his fingers and answered, “as long as he confesses his sins before the End, he will be saved.”

Mom kept going in and out of the kitchen for small things, and didn’t finish her chicken.

A few days later, the Ceiling came so low that we sat in a circle on the carpet and the Minister asked each of us to say a prayer. We held hands.

I said, “Dear Lord, thank you for sending the Minister into my room.”

Dad said, “Dear Lord, I would really like to see the World Series Championship next week.”

Mom didn’t say anything, so I shook her hand a little. Then she said, really slowly, “Dear Lord, I remember the time I was in Atlantic City in 1982, and the man named Stephan that I met on the beach. He said such sweet things about me. Dear Lord, I hope I will see him up there.”

맛없는 것도

살다 보면 공장이 능선을 메우고
매연과 오수를 쏟습니다
만나는 사람들은 나를
할 말이 없어도 입을 벌리는
버릇을 지적합니다
황소 개구리처럼
혀를 낼름낼름하십시오
치마를 펄럭펄럭하십시오
도박장을 들락날락하십시오
살다 보면 빈부의 격차가 심해져서
맛없는 것만 먹게됩니다
참기름을 바르십시오
초장에 찍으십시오
꼭꼭 씹어드시면 맛좋습니다