stuff we say its there but we know it really isnt

My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Lisa Ekdahl

stuff we say its there but we know it really isnt:
fully recallable moments or unforgettable days
unaccidental suicidals or inexorable sinners
unwittitingly ignoring a text message – hahaha!
1 gram of truth contained in these words:
‘just so you know’ ‘not that i should care’ and ‘go to hell’
soulmates who declare their soulmatedness
genuises who don’t know their genuis
identical strangers or doppelganger
bisexuality without underlying total gaiety
free free trade and web 2.0
man and woman : inherent differences in sentimental reasons
wedable copains and unforgivable curses
romantic comedies in place of comic romances
justice in hands of men and political significance
and the possibility
the possibility

  1. 역시나그렇게

    샤워 : ‘go to hell’

  2. 어떤애

    아까부터 마멍이 누군지 궁금해서 미쳐버릴꺼같애…………..

  3. 역시나그렇게

    어떤애가 더 궁금합니다.

  4. 마멍

    i’m just a genius who doesn’t know my genius

    그런데 진짜 어떤애는 누구지???

  5. 아무개

    비공개 댓글입니다.